Tool Maintenance and Repair

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UTC will repair your tools that are not running at 100% capacity. We repair damaged and worn tools in our in-house Tool Maintenance Department. If you have a tool that is of poor quality, has unsatisfactory output or blocked cavities, we will analyze the problem and provide a quick, cost-effective solution.

We understand the importance of producing the parts you need on time and we would like to help you find a solution. Our Tool Maintenance Department has assisted customers with various problems and will even go to you to assess the problem. We can fix small problems such as worn out inserts to larger problems of missing components.

After building or repairing your tool, we set up a routine maintenance schedule to help you extend the life of the tool and make sure your parts stay in spec.

For a full list of our capabilities, please see our capabilities page. Call us today at 716-985-4691 or send us an email to let us know how we can help you find a solution to meet your Tool & Die Repair and Maintenance requirements.